LIght in the darkness



Black Hole – First Picture

Trailer full dome planetarium show about first image of a black hole 

EHT Collaboration meeting Nijmegen 2018

Light in The Darkness | EHT Collaboration Meeting

MUSIC VIDEO “Wahrscheinlich” BY Nik Falcke

The video “Wahrscheinlich” by Nik Falcke, singer & songwriter and son of Heino Falcke, shows original footage of the EHT press conference in Brussels, where the first image of the black hole has been presented. 

EHT working group at Radboud University in Nijmegen

From left to right: Sara Issaoun, Daan van Rossum, Freek Roelofs, Michael Janßen, Christiaan Brinkerink, Heino Falcke, Raquel Fraga Encinas, Jordy Davelaar, Monika Mościbrodzka (Ciriaco Goddi is missing).

Light in The Darkness | EHT Working Group

Telescopes of the EHT

SMTO on Mt Graham, Az

The moving stairs in SMTO

moving telescope in Elevation direction

Rotation of SMTO

Classical Gas (played while turning the SMT, c.a. from 0:50 min)

IRAM 30 m – Telescope, Pico Veleta

journey to IRAM 30m

Flight to the IRAM NOEMA telescope in France (part of the EHT in 2021)

Collaboration meeting 2018

The prediction (Amazing Grace)

Simulation of different models to predict the shadow of the black hole. (Falcke, H., F. Melia, and E. Agol (2000), The shadow of the black hole at the galactic center, American Institute of Physics Conference Series, Vol. 522, p. 317-320)

The prediction (Amazing Grace)

Shadow models of the black hole in the galactic center. Left: with maximum resolution, center: blurred by the Milky Way and limited resolution of the experiment, right: stronger blurring at low frequency. Top row: rotating black hole, bottom row: non-rotating. (Falcke, H., F. Melia, and E. Agol (2000), Viewing the Shadow of the Black Hole at the Galactic Center, The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 528, p. L13-L16)

Sgr A* @ 30 – Meeting in Green Bank (2004)

One of the first discussions about what later would become the EHT took place in Green Bank 2004. On Friday evening there was an informal meeting on “future submm-VLBI observations of Sgr A*” (see small print above the conference photo in the workshop program, talks by H. Falcke, G. Bower, S. Doeleman).

Launch to the Moon

Launch of the Queqiao satellite in May 2018.

Unrolling the radio antenna of the NCLE experiment on the Chinese satellite Queqiao behind the moon. Heino Falcke is the lead scientist of the experiment.

moon and earth in perspective from Queqiao

Design drawing of the Queqiao satellite with the three antennas of the NCLE experiment rolled out

Heino Falcke

Heino Falcke before school enrollment

JANA Falcke

Jana Falcke in front of the Space Shuttle 1997

HEINO Falcke

With children in front of one of the dishes of the VLBA 1999

HEINO Falcke

The meeting in Green Bank on the 40th anniversary of the discovery of Sagittarius A*.

HEINO Falcke

Inaugural lecture in Nijmegen 2004

EHT Collaboration Meeting in Nijmegen 2018

A few video impressions from the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration meeting in Nijmegen in November 2018, where the marching orders for the scientific publications on the first image of a black hole were sealed.


in German only


Live interview with sky news during the observation campaign in 2017, in German only